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Expand Your Understanding of the Shopper Experience both in physical retail and online retail. 

TRTOR Podcast Series 2


How do you stand out in the world of online retail?

How do you engage your shoppers, make them linger longer and buy more?

How do you bring your real-world retail experience online?

Standing out from the crowd is something most online retailers haven't mastered yet. But those that have are reaping the rewards.

So if you want to find out how to improve your shoppers' experience to help build your business online, then this is the podcast for you.


Kevin Moore is the Chairman of Toys R Us and Babies R Us Aus/NZ/UK and an online and physical retail shopper marketing and sales expert.

Having been part of the team that successfully rebirthed the Toys R Us brand in the Australian, New Zealand, and now UK markets as an initially online only play, they have proven how a focus on the shopper experience can lead to exponential growth in the online world.

Kevin's expertise is in developing a compelling shopper experience in both the physical and online space is second to none. With over 30 years of experience working with global and local brands in both the physical and digital retail world, his insights are unique.

Kevin also has a passion to help small to medium retail businesses.

In these podcasts, Kevin shares his front-line experience and learnings as a professional shopper marketing advisor to Toys R Us Australia/New Zealand/UK, Tulloch Wines, and through his experience as Chairman of digital communications agency NowComms Asia.

With thousands of students around the world already benefitting from his online and physical retail shopper experience courses, Kevin is now embracing podcasting as a way to offer his invaluable insights into how you can grow your online business through delivering a compelling shopper experience, from your first communication, into your website and into the shopper's home.

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Podcast Series 2 Episode 2: Growth levers

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Key Points

- The initial focus of a business must always be on sales and growing revenues

- Focus on excellent service

- Understand your margins

- Regularly look at and understand what's going on with the business's Profit & Loss (P&L) 

- Build the business on strong pillars including systems, values and good people

- Use the data in your business to try new things

Achieving sustainable growth - understanding the pillars that support your business and the levers to pull to fast-track sustainable growth

Running a business is hard. There are always so many fires to put out, projects to progress. Time is always a rare commodity.

But if you want to boost growth and build in a sustainable way, where do you focus?In this episode, rebirthed Toys R Us Aus/NZ/UK Chairman and international sales and marketing shopper experience expert, Kevin Moore, shares the expertise that he uses to help numerous physical and online retailers to grow their businesses.

Kevin explains the pillars he regards as essential to support your business and the levers to pull to ensure fast and sustainable growth. Have a listen, and tap into Kevin's expertise to help you with your business.

Podcast Series 2 Episode 1: retail trends

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Key Points

- Covid has fast-tracked the move to online retail
- It has hollowed out a lot of traditional physical retail
- the physical retailers who managed the pivot are now doing well
- in the same way you improve the shopper experience online by adding entertainment and theatre, so physical malls are changing their offering to include entertainment and not just retail

Retail Trends

In this first of a new series of The Road to Online Retail podcasts, international retail sales and marketing guru and the Chairman of Toys R Us Aus/NZ/UK, Kevin Moore, reflects back on the impact covid has had on the online and physical retail environment and also what trends he's spotting for retail around the world. 

featured  podcast series 1

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Miranda Bond

In these next two podcasts, we tap into the expertise of digital marketing expert, Miranda Bond. Miranda is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in digital. Yes, 25 years! In these episodes she shares her five pointed star strategy - 5 ways to dramatically, and cost effectively, increase your sites awareness and helping you to build your online business.. Do not miss these episodes!!!

Raising Awareness

So you’ve built an amazing retail website. Your products are curated brilliantly. The images are great. The navigation is smooth. The shopping cart works well. There are lots of payment options. But there’s a problem. You’re not getting enough traffic to your site! And of the people that are visiting, only a few are buying! Wondering what you’re doing wrong? Wondering what you can do to increase awareness? If so, do not miss the next two podcasts. They are absolute gold if you want to know how to increase awareness of your site.



Kevin Moore is a shopper marketing expert. His expertise is in developing a compelling shopper experience in both the physical and online space. With over 30 years experience working with global and local brands in both the physical and digital retail world, his insights are unique.


Nigel Miller has over 30 years experience as a producer/director creating content for TV and major corporates.

Nigel is Co-Founder of The Road to Retail. 

Nigel's role is the production of the course content. He also co-hosts our podcast.


Miranda possesses over 25 years’ experience in digital strategy and marketing, starting her career in the early 1990’s as Multimedia Evangelist for the BBC in London.

Miranda has worked for blue chip clients around the world in addition to scaling multiple start ups into global businesses.

Podcast series 1

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Podcast 1 - The Second Age of Digital Retail

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The Second Age of Online Retail
Are you Ready?


Podcast 1 - The Second Age of Digital Retail

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The Second Age of Online Retail Are you Ready?


Podcast 2 - Shopper Experience

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Understanding Shopper Needs in the Online Retail World


Podcast 3 - "Phygital"

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Why Online Retailers Need to Understand the Importance of "Phygital".


Podcast 4 - How Shopify Retailers Beat the Big boys

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How a Shopify Retailer Provides a Better Shopper Experience than Many of the Majors.


Podcast 5 - Raising Awareness

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How to Raise Awareness to Grow Your Online Business. 


Podcast 6 - Raising Awareness Part 2

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Part 2 of How to Raise Awareness to grow your Online Business.


Podcast 7 - Rebirth of a Global Brand

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How Mastering the Online Shopper Experience Led to the Revival of Toys R Us Australia / NZ


Podcast 8 - Online Retail Government Support

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Making the Move to Online Retail and How Good Governments Can Help.


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