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Master the Shopper Experience to Grow Your Online Business

In this new course, Kevin Moore, shares his real-world experience with the successful rebirthing of Toys R Us in Australia and New Zealand, to show how to bring the best of physical retail into the world of online retail to improve the overall shopper experience to grow your online business.

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The importance of the SHOPPER EXPERIENCE

If you are a retailer, or associated with the retail industry, then this site is for you!

Our focus is on the Shopper Experience in both the digital and physical retail worlds.

And why is it so important to focus on the Shopper Experience

Because if shoppers have a great experience online, or in a store, they will linger longer, spend more and recommend that store/product/brand to their family and friends.  And more sales and customers tends to mean improved profits! 

So to find out more about the importance of the Shopper Experience, and how to improve it for your shoppers’ digital and real-world retailing environments, check out our Road to Retail podcast and our retail marketing and sales courses

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So, what is the “second age” of online retail?

Well, it’s what’s starting around the world right now.

It is the accelerated migration of shoppers to digital retailing of all goods and services. 

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meet our expert

Kevin Moore, International Retail Sales & Marketing Expert

The Road to Retail

Kevin has spent 28 years working in and around retail for manufacturers, retailers and service providers across 44 countries. He walks 1,000+ stores and views 2,000+ online shopping sites around the world each year looking at shopper experience trends with a particular focus on the overall shopper experience

The need to engage, entertain, and inspire shoppers, and meet shoppers’ hunger for change and innovation, is more important than ever before. And this applies to both the physical and online retail environments.

Kevin’s advice and experience is highly sought and he holds a variety of directorships on retail and agency businesses across Asia and Australia. He has also managed businesses in over 40 countries.

Kevin is regularly quoted in Australian media as an International Retail Expert and is the Retail Expert on a small business show for one of the main Australian free-to-air networks. He was also a weekly blog contributor to Smartcompany, in Australia for ten years.

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