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Welcome to The Road to Retail, a site dedicated to retail sales & marketing excellence!

If you are a retailer, or associated with the retail industry, then this site is for you! Filled with useful shopper marketing insights and tools to help build an amazing Shopper Experience. And why is it so important to focus on the Shopper Experience? Because if shoppers have a great experience in a store, they will linger longer, spend more and recommend that store/product/brand to their family and friends.  And more sales and customers, tends to lead to improved profits! Interestingly, The Retail Trifecta applies as much to online retail as it does to physical retail. You can find out how to create a great Shopper Experience through our online course:  “The Retail Trifecta”.

Created by shopper marketing expert, Kevin Moore, a man who walks thousands of stores a year to help his clients better understand “the shopper” and global shopper trends, the Retail Trifecta is a twenty step process to achieving a great Shopper Experience for your customers. And if you sell product into retail, check out our new online course: The Essential Steps to a Successful Retail Sales Call. This course carefully and simply takes both new and seasoned sales professionals through proven steps for successful sales to retailers. Three areas are covered: the steps to a classic sales and buying call; a store visit “influencer” call; and the steps for overcoming the 5 key objections retailers raise when buying products from you.

To help retailers and retail suppliers build the best Shopper Experience they can and to provide useful, interesting and fun shopper marketing content to help businesses improve their profits.
WE NEED YOU! If you’re a retailer or retail manufacturer, we need your help. How? By becoming an active part of “The Road to Retail” Community. A place where we can all share our knowledge and experience to help each other.
The Road to Retail is run by Kevin Moore, a retail marketing expert who walks thousands of stores a year, and Nigel Miller, a video producer/director who spends his life avoiding walking into any stores at all! Kevin is the brains behind the content and Nigel is the brains behind the delivery.
Kevin Moore’s “The Retail Trifecta” is an invaluable insight into the most important elements that go towards achieving a great Shopper Experience. This site offers an overview of the key ingredients. Alternatively, join the hundreds of students already enrolled into “The Retail Trifecta” online course.

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The Essential Steps for a Successful Retail Sales Call –

this is our brand new Udemy retail sales course relevant to ALL Sales Professionals selling to retailers. In this course, you will learn, and be able to apply, a disciplined structure for retail sales calls. You will also become more productive with your time, see and harness more sales opportunities to sell into and out of retail, through clearer communication with your retailer customers. Most importantly, it will give you confidence in your job and a calmer sales day!

  • Created for anyone who sells into retail.

  • Over 1 hour of video content spread over 24 lectures

  • Includes downloadable material to remind you of the structure for each type of call.

  • Will help you become recognised as a retail expert relied upon by your retail customers.

The Essential Steps for a Successful Retail Sales Call | About the Course

Create a Great Shopper Experience with ‘The Retail Trifecta’ – this is our amazing Udemy course to help you build a better retail experience for your shoppers

  • Created for anyone who works in or supplies to the retail industry
  • Over 3 hours of video content spread over 32+ lectures
  • Includes practical tools including an “Awareness & Currency” tool and a Retail Trifecta calculator to help you measure the quality of the Shopper Experience for any store.
  • Will help you build a shopper experience where shoppers linger longer, spend more and tell their friends
  • Includes interviews with successful retailers
  • Includes hundreds of photos of stores from around the world with commentary from Shopper Marketing expert, Kevin Moore
The Retail Trifecta course

Images from The Retail Trifecta Udemy course

The Retail Trifecta | So what is  “The Retail Trifecta”?

See what our Udemy students are saying about “The Retail Trifecta” Course

We love our students and appreciate receiving their feedback on our “Retail Trifecta” Udemy course. Here’s what some of our students are saying about the course 

Every retailer should take this course! Whether you own a small boutique or you work for a large chain, this course has valuable insight. I learned quite a bit in the first two sections, but Section 3 is my absolute favorite. Kevin interviews actual business owners, and gives really good advice on changing your store to attract new customers. I particularly enjoyed the pictures of stores from all over the world – Kevin does a good job of illustrating his points with photographs. (Pictures are worth a thousand words!)
Yes… it’s for every Retailer to get improved. The kind of quality this instructor is delivering is awesome, it’s a very different course especially for Retailers.
I am very happy I got this course. As a boutique owner myself…I always have to consider the significant levels of competition. From the beginning to the end this course was full of insights. It’s courses like Kevin’s that’s exactly what I need to help stay competitive.

Muhayla Scarvia Lance-Wever, The Retail Trifecta Udemy Student
I work contractually as A/V and POS installer this course has given me a fantastic overview of what is actually involved in retail. Looking forward to applying the knowledge I have learned to helping clients maximize the effectiveness of the technology they integrate into their businesses.

Isaac Sandaljian, The Retail Trifecta Udemy Student
Thank You … 4 this Awesome Course… NOTHING TO SAY… THIS IS PERFECT!

An Online Shopper Marketing Course for Retailers | The Retail Trifecta

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Create a Great Shopper Experience with The Retail Trifecta

An online course loaded with more than three hours of great video content spread across 32 lectures, hundreds of fascinating photos of retailer outlets from across the globe, amazing insights, useful tools & much more! All this for ONLY US$45. Alternatively, subscribe to The Road to Retail today and you can access both our Shopper Marketing and Steps to a Successful Retail Sales Call courses for just US$10 each!
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